First Meetings

“Somehow I found a way to get lost in you,

Let me inside, let me get close to you…”

-from a song entitled Lost In You, by Three Days Grace

Today, these words, these lines of a song play over again in this man’s mind as he remembers something, a special moment, if you will, one that is ordinary, commonplace perhaps, and happens often, and yet is no less wonderful for it.

He remembers what it feels like to put oneself aside and look at that person next to him. He remembers the silence as his eyes connect with those of the other, the searching, the delving as both of them stare. He remembers what it’s like to lose oneself in contemplation of the other, to search their eyes and behold the astounding…realness of the person staring back, the brilliance of their mind, the simplicity of their heart, their strength, their openness, and have his breath taken away.

Today, the memory washes over him. The joy and the wonder manifest themselves again, but remain incomplete, like dawn’s light behind the curtain. Only a shadow of their splendour is felt – all else is engulfed in a longing, bittersweet.

Even so, he remembers. As he spoke with that other, their gazes touched. Their eyes met. The windows of their souls were opened.

He remembers the fire that came to life within him. What great delight! He could not contain it; his heart threatened to pour from the blaze from his eyes in shining tears!

Two kindred souls encountered each other.


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